Vacation Properties for Rent

Do you need a vacation? It's easy to find great places to stay when you search for vacation properties for rent on Find romantic relaxing getaways for couples or fun and exciting vacation destinations for families. Staying in a hotel can be very expensive and it offers none of the benefits of a vacation property rental. When you rent a vacation property it becomes your home away from home; an oasis of relaxing refuge.

Vacation property rentals allow you to enjoy private amenities and many luxury features unique to your rental vacation property. You'll enjoy more space, more privacy, be able to prepare your own meals and have access to laundry facilities. If you're traveling as a family or a group, everyone can have their own room and in many cases enjoy added extras like BBQs, hot tubs and extra bathrooms.

Camground Rental

Search for vacation property rentals at and rent a cottage, a cabin, or a villa. Stay in a bed and breakfast or rent the perfect camping spot at a campground anywhere in Canada or the United States. No matter what your pleasure is when you travel, you'll find great accommodations and vacation properties to rent on Search Vacation Rental Companies by Name

Cottage Rentals

Rent a Cottage. Rent a cottage for a quaint and peaceful getaway. Find cottage rentals by a lake, near a resort, in the mountains, by the beach, and near any number of other perfect settings. Enjoy bright, airy, spacious rooms, your own kitchen and dining area and your own private deck to enjoy the view.

Bed and Breakfast Rentals

Rent a bed and breakfast and be pampered with a home cooked breakfast in the mornings. Enjoy a relaxing stay in comfortable surroundings that only a bed and breakfast can provide. It's always nice to wake up in a bed and breakfast rental and have a beautiful breakfast prepared especially for you. Search Vacation Property Rentals by Category

Rent a Villa

Rent a Villa. Find luxury timeshare resort properties for rent in the most popular holiday destinations. Rent a villa on the beach or oceanfront in places like Florida, Costa Rica, California, and Mexico. Enjoy beach villas with all the amenities of popular resorts such as Disneyworld. Spend your days at the beach tanning, surfing, sailing, and having fun, and then enjoy your evenings on your private villa balcony with an ocean view.

Campground Rentals

For those who love camping find campground rentals on Rent a campground for a weekend, for the length of your vacation, or for a long term seasonal stay. Rent a campground for your RV, motor home, camper, or tent, and enjoy evenings by the campfire, outdoor picnics, and all that the great outdoors has to offer. Many campgrounds for rent offer amenities such as laundry facilities, swimming pools, a playground, mini golf, and an indoor recreational facility. Find campground rentals that have all the activities you and your family like to enjoy. Search Vacation Rental Properties by Keyword

Cabin Rentals

Rent a Log Cabin Lakefront. Rent a cabin in the woods, by the mountains, by a lake, or near the ski hill. Imagine relaxing in a cozy, rustic cabin for rent with a wood burning fireplace. Then soak in your private hot tub on your deck while you take in the view. Rent a cabin with a loft and extra bedrooms for your family or friends. On you'll find cabins to rent near popular ski resorts in places like Colorado, and other popular ski destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Check Out Recreation & Sports Equipment Rentals Online

Start planning the best vacation ever, and find wonderful vacation properties to rent on Once you've planned where you will stay don't forget to check out some of our other exciting recreation and sport equipment rentals including snow skis, snowboards, water skis, boats, golf clubs, and other sporting equipment.

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