Rent Industrial Tools and Contractor Equipment

When looking for industrial tools or contractor equipment rental turn to Whether you're a contractor, a carpenter, or a home handyman you'll find all the industrial tools and contractor equipment you need for your construction project. You can find tool rentals for the job site, a home renovation, or even a home emergency situation.

Industrial tools and supplies can be expensive. Don't purchase construction tools and contractor equipment that you may only occasionally use, when tool rentals are an affordable option. Rent the tools you need and you'll not only save money, you'll also save space in your garage. Why buy when you can do the 'green' thing and simply rent tools.

Find Local Tool Rental Companies

On we have tool rental listings from some of the biggest names in industrial tools and equipment rentals including;

  • Home Depot
  • United Rentals
  • H&E Equipment Services
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • Battlefield Equipment
  • Hand Tools Equipment Rental

With these big brand names, as well as many smaller tool rental companies in your local community, you'll have no problem finding the industrial tool rentals and contractor equipment rentals that you need, regardless of where you located Canada or the United States.

Rent Industrial Tools & Equipment

Find industrial tools and equipment rentals for use on big job sites or large scale construction projects. Rent a towable air compressor to operate pneumatic tools or a towable generator for job site power. Rent a trencher and trench shoring equipment to keep trench walls from collapsing, plus find a variety of pumps for rent to remove water at a construction site.

Rent Paving Equipment & Paving Tools

Find contractor paving tools and asphalt paving equipment for rent for both large and small asphalt and paving jobs. Rent a pavement roller, a packer, a vibrating tamper and many other pieces of concrete and asphalt paving equipment. You can even find industrial vehicles and equipment for rent, specifically for use with concrete and asphalt paving equipment.

Rent Traffic Safety Equipment

Rent traffic signs and exchange equipment to help control and reroute traffic during road construction or paving. Traffic equipment rental supply may include traffic lights, traffic cones, delineator reflectors, traffic barricades, various road signs and traffic signs plus other traffic safety equipment.

Rent Forms plus Concrete Tools & Equipment

Search online at and you can find a great selection of industrial concrete tool rental supplies. Rent concrete tools and equipment for both big and small concrete pours including concrete basement walls, foundations, sidewalks, retaining walls, pool surrounds and concrete patios to name a few. You'll also find concrete finishing tools and equipment to ensure a successful concrete pour. Rent concrete forms, bull floats, concrete vibrators, power trowels, a fresno, towels, concrete screed machines and more.

Rent Construction Equipment

For outdoor gatherings, tents can be rented in a wide variety of sizes, from Construction equipment rental companies also list with Private and industrial contractors can rent construction equipment for all kinds of jobs, renovations and projects.

Rent many different sizes of ladders, both extension ladders and step ladders. Rent scaffolding and work platforms that can be set up for many different working heights. Rent a material lift or drywall lifter to maneuver materials to where you need them. Rent carpentry levels or a laser level to accurately measure and lay out a construction site. Rent these and many other kinds of construction tools and equipment at!

Safety Equipment Rental

Industrial contractors rent safety equipment to keep workers safe and protected at a work site. Rent fall protection, a construction harness, visibility vests, and hard hats. Rent man hole blowers to provide fresh air below ground, and many other items to keep you safe while you work.

  • Wacker
  • Stanley
  • Bostich
  • Makita
  • Dewalt
  • Bosch

Rent all kinds of tools for all kinds of jobs. You can find name brand tool rentals that are perfect for the home handyman and for do-it-yourself renovations. Find the tool rentals you need by top brand names such as:

Rent all kinds of drills, a rotary hammer, a jackhammer, air nailers, many types of saws, various sanders, routers, grinders, and much, much more. You'll find all kinds of equipment rentals to help you manage your project. Rent a generator, portable jobsite lights, a ditch witch, and many kinds of pumps, a pressure washer, different kinds of portable heaters, and many other useful items by some of the best names in the business.

Gardening & Landscaping Rentals

Rent landscaping and gardening equipment to maintain your yard, trees, lawn and garden. Rent a garden tiller, a lawn mower, a lawn aerator, a leaf blower, a chain saw, a brush chipper, a post hole digger, a log splitter, a weed whacker, a weed sprayer, a wheelbarrow, and many other gardening tools and supplies.

Floor Care & Janitor Equipment Rentals

Find floor care equipment rentals for floor cleaning, floor care, refinishing, and floor installation. Rent a carpet steam cleaner, an orbital sander, a floor sander, a floor polisher, a tile remover, carpet installation tools, and other floor care equipment and janitor equipment.

Rent Decorating Equipment & Paint Supplies

Find great paint and decorating equipment rentals to help you redecorate, paint, and get your home renovation done faster. Rent an airless paint sprayer, a plaster mixer, a paint texture gun, wallpaper removal tools, and lots of other painting and decorating rental items.

Plumbing Equipment Rental

For bathroom renovations or plumbing emergencies find plumbing tools and plumbing equipment for rent on Rent a sewer snake, or a pipe rooter to help clear blocked drains and pipes. Rent a pipe wrench, a pipe bender, pipe cutters, and other plumbing tools. Rent a sump pump, and many other kinds of pumps to help you deal with water issues.

Automotive Tool Rental

For the do it yourself mechanic, hot rodder, or for vehicle maintenance, rent auto tools and equipment. Rent engine hoists, ratchets, sockets, impact wrenches, a transmission jack, a creeper, a torque wrench, brake tools, and many other automotive tools to help you work on your car.

Rent Welding Equipment

Rent a welder and welding equipment for welding projects and metal fabrication. Rent all kinds of welders including mig, tig, and arc welders. Rent a welder by some of the best known names in welding equipment such as Lincoln Electric, Miller, and Multiquip. Rent welding equipment such as a welding torch, oxy-acetylene tanks, a welding helmet, welding goggles, and other welding supplies.

Find Industrial & Contractor Equipment Rentals Online

You'll find is absolutely packed with great industrial tools and contractor equipment rentals. It's a wonderful resource for finding equipment and tool rentals all over North America.

If your business has tools and equipment for rent, is a great place to list your rentals, and increase your exposure to potential renters. And best of all, it's free.