Established in 2004, Audiobookworm (formerly Audiobookworm) is an online audiobook rental company based in Los Angeles, California. Audiobookworm's rental programs were designed to allow active people to make the most of their time by listening to their favorite books at home or on the go. Audiobookworm's rental packages provide audiobook lovers with a simple and economical alternative to purchasing numerous audiobooks, and a more practical alternative to renting from inconvenient brick and mortar locations with limited selections. The home delivery system is also ideal for visually impaired people, as well individuals with limited mobility or limited access transportation. Whether they're exercising, driving, cleaning house, hiking, cooking, running marathons, dropping the kids off at school, or even rock climbing, Audiobookworm empowers their Members to take advantage of all the time in their busy schedule and expand their world with audiobooks rentals.

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