How much does it cost to sign up as a lister? As a renter?

Rentcharlie has always been free ― and it always will be.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, some. Perishable items are out, as is offensive or discriminatory content. RentCharlie can’t be used for any unlawful purposes or illegal activities. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Please have a look at our Terms & Conditions for details.

If you’re renting something that requires an operating license and you don’t have one, you’ll be subject to the laws of your province or state. A rental agreement does not waive government-licensing requirements.

What happens when I’ve rented a listed item?

Renters will contact you using the information you provided, and you’ll deal directly with them. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to complete the process, including rental agreements and best practices.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your postal code will appear on the site to help local renters find available items in their area, but otherwise you choose what contact information you want to display. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What if an item I rent is returned to me damaged?

This is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend using the provided rental agreement. The agreement allows you to set the damage deposit or penalty before anything happens. It’s rare, but if you encounter a situation where the damage is disputed, contact us, and one of our advisors will help.

Do I pay before or after I use the rented item(s)?

That’s up to you and the lister, but we recommend giving a deposit first and paying the balance of the rental fee when the item is returned.

See our best practices for more information.

Can I accept collateral instead of a rental fee? What kind?

We strongly advise against it if you’re an individual lister, and recommend you use a rental agreements.

Do I need to use or sign a rental agreement?

Yes. If you don’t have one, you can use the rental agreements templates we’ve provided.

What about insurance?

You can only insure items that you own personally, and most will fall under home insurance. If you’re not sure whether or not an item is covered, contact your insurance provider directly.

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, send us an email at .