15.5' telescoping ladder

Can't fit a ladder in your car? No problem! This ladder retracts to only three feet long, small enough to fit in almost any car.

It can hold up to 250 lbs. That's a combination of person, clothing, and any equipment and supplies you are bringing up. (Can you tell I've worked as a safety trainer?)

It's great for stairwells. Great for interior work where a long ladder would be awkward to get around corners. Great for exterior work when your vehicle isn't big enough 

I will include the instruction manual. You must read it before use. 

It cannot be used in wet conditions because that will damage the closing mechanism. If you spill anything on the stiles (the side rails) it must be wiped before closing the ladder for the same reason. And the ladder must be returned in reasonably clean condition or a cleaning fee will apply.

Only the top bar can be leaned against things, not the side bars, or it will damage the closing mechanism and possibly reduce the integrity for future users. So this ladder cannot be used to go onto a roof or a platform.

But it's a fun, convenient ladder that is CSA approved and a great tool to get work done.


OPEN19.5 X 4.5 X 188.5 IN. (49.5 X 11.4 X 478.8 CM)

CLOSED19.5 X 4.5 X 36 IN. (49.5 X 11.4 X 91.4 CM)

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS21.5 X 6 X 38 IN. (54.6 X 15.2 X 96.5 CM)

REACH19 FT (5.8 M)

WEIGHT40.5 LB (18.4 KG)




25.00 $ / Day