Persons with disabilities should have access to travel options at home and on vacation. provides van rentals for the handicapped and disabled that include mobility equipment, ramps and lift systems. Wheelers wheelchair accessible vans are also affordable with their standing motto – ?We will meet or beat competitor’s prices.?wheelers


Wheelers special innovations in travel for the disabled includes ramps, lift systems, raised roofs, lowered floors, hand controls for driving, and a variety of other kinds of mobility equipment. ?Wheelers Accessible Van Rental started in November 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the last 20 years Wheelers has established locations from Chicago to Miami and San Francisco to New York with the goal of continued expansion program that will place vehicles in every city, in every airport, through out North America. Go to to find a Wheelers location near you!

Things happen, unfortunately, we all know that. And when it does, you have Wheelers ready to assist you with a beautiful and dependable safe and secure wheelchair or scooter accessible van rental by the day, week or month. Insurance regulation state ?same condition or better.? Which means, if someone has damaged your vehicle, their insurance company ?is required? to rent you a vehicle of the same kind or better. If you were in a wheelchair van, they have to rent you a wheelchair/scooter accessible van. And, Wheelers will do all the billing to the insurance company on your behalf. Wheelers also have anytime, day, night or weekend roadside assistance. That?s right! 1 phone call and help is on the way. If you are traveling on business or pleasure Wheelers delivers to most U.S. airports and railway terminals. Whether you are planning a long distance trip or simply need accessible transportation to the hotel or conference site, your van will be delivered and awaiting your arrival at the station or airport.

A wheelchair/scooter van purchase is a major expenditure. It is important to select a vehicle that meets all of the families’ needs. There are many options for a transportation solution available. Many customers decide to rent an accessible van prior to purchase, so they can assess vehicle features before making a major expenditure. Trying before you buy, when possible, is always a good idea. Rent to own programs are everywhere today. Every Wheelers location will have different ways to offer this type of program. It?s a great way to make decisions about your purchase based on experience with that van or a van like it.

Don?t take a risk with an inexperienced company. Wheelers have been assisting the wheelchair traveler since 1987. Wheelers have an understanding of what you want, what you need and promise to do all they can to ensure you a carefree travel experience. All Wheelers Van Rental locations and deliverable areas are searchable on .