United Rentals, one of the largest equipment rental and tool rental companies in North America, will be launching some new sustainability practices to improve their business, and to help their rental customers to be able to meet newer and stricter environmental standards being enforced throughout the country. United Rentals Tools and Equipment Rentals

United Rentals' goal is to be a business leader with high standards for best business practices, safety, and environmental sustainability. With their new sustainable practices, United Rentals hopes to encourage growth and benefits for their customers, employees, suppliers, and for the communities where they do business.

Some of the sustainability practices that United Rentals will adopt include:

  • Retrofitting equipment to be compliant with new environmental standards, including Tier 3 and Tier 4 equipment.
  • Use alternate fuels including biofuels, where viable
  • Paperless invoicing to eliminate paper waste, which amounts to thousands of documents each year
  • Using state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology, and hand-held computers for mapping routes, for accurate equipment delivery and dispatch, which will conserve fuel.
  • Training for Levitra no prescription uk safety and best practices
  • Education to help contractors address new regulations, including training for “clean construction” practices and regulations
  • Developing collaborative relationships with other equipment suppliers who are also committed to sustainability
  • Michael Kneeland, United Rentals’ CEO, said, “As we respond to the demand for our services, we are careful to grow in an environmentally responsible manner. We want our sustainability initiatives to have a lasting impact on our operations and supply chain, and build enduring value for all stakeholders of United Rentals. Green practices are more than a sound strategy for growth, they are quite simply the right thing to do.”
    Heidi Rawe, United Rentals’ senior director for sustainability, said, “Issues such as emissions control and energy conservation are becoming increasingly important to our customers, particularly those in the construction field. Sustainable Growth is about demonstrating corporate responsibility while helping our customers address regulatory and cultural changes within their own industries. These are exciting objectives, and we are focused on developing innovative and practical ways to advance them.”

    United Rentals has also identified employee diversity, supplier diversity, and safety as continued goals and objectives for 2011, after receiving awards and recognition for these best practices in 2010.