Montgomery Overall Service offers uniform rentals in the Tri-State area. Based in Maybrook NY, you can find Montgomery Overall Service on, for all your Uniform Rental Needs. uniform rentals in NY, NJ, CT

Montgomery Overall Service has been operating since 1960, and is well known and respected in the Tri-State region for serving many businesses and companies with uniform rentals, workwear rentals, door mats, and linen service.

Montgomery Overall Service offers many different types of workwear and uniforms for rent for many different trades and professions. For the food service industry they offer aprons, as well as chef’s uniforms to keep kitchen staff looking neat and professional. Thy also rent kitchen towels, and bar mops to help you keep your kitchen clean.

Montgomery Overall Service rents various types of workwear including jackets, coveralls, safety wear, and shop coats for tradespeople, commercial workers, and laborers. Keep your crew safe, and professional looking with fresh coveralls and uniform rentals.

Rent a wide variety of uniforms for many other types of businesses. From dealership apparel, to dress shirts and pants, rent a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics to suit your business image, and keep your staff looking neat and professional.

For the Health Services industry rent lab coats, scrubs, and even patient gowns in a variety of styles for men and women, for comfort and performance. Montgomery Overall Service provides O.S.H.A. specified biohazard cleaning for all medical uniform rentals, so you can count on everything being clean and sanitized.

Montgomery Overall Service also provides professional cleaning services for all their uniform rentals to keep you and your staff looking great, and your workwear rentals looking fresh.

Montgomery Overall Service keeps you and your team looking professional, neat, and enhances your business image, with workwear rentals and uniforms. Be sure to check them out on, along with our other great Fashion and Formal Wear Rental companies.