If you have DIY plans to build a deck this summer, or if you need to do some maintenance and repairs to your home’s existing deck, find tools and equipment to rent for your DIY project on Rentcharlie.com.rent tools to build a deck

Do you like the savings doing a project yourself affords you? Or perhaps you enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project yourself? Either way doing a home renovation project yourself means you will require an arsenal of tools and equipment, many of which you may not own. Purchasing all the necessary tools and equipment for the job really eats into the savings of doing it yourself. That’s where Rentcharlie.com comes in. We have extensive lists of tools and equipment for rent from rental companies all over North America. You’re sure to find the right tools for the job, at a local rental store, in a town or city near you.

Building your own deck can require a large load of deck materials and building supplies. If your deck materials aren’t being delivered to you, many rental companies offer a truck or van to rent for hauling your building materials home.

Tools and equipment you may need to rent might include various types of saws, such as miter saws, circular saws, or a table saw. You may want an air nailer, and you’ll likely need a drill. Rent a cordless drill, or other types of drills and power tools made my top name brands such as Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, and Stanley.

Rent carpentry tools and finishing tools such as a level, a laser level, a sander, and much more. Rent equipment like ladders and scaffolds for high up decks and structures.

If refinishing is what you need to do to your deck this summer rent paint sprayer equipment such as HVLP paint sprayers and airless paint sprayers. Rent an air compressor to run your paint sprayer.

If it’s just a good cleaning your deck needs rent a pressure washer to clean tough stains and grime from your deck. A pressure washer is also a good tool for cleaning your home’s siding.

Decks are a great place to enjoy the outdoors, to cook, to eat, and to entertain. They become an extension of your home, an outdoor living area. Build your dream deck, or restore your existing deck this summer as a do-it-yourself project you can be proud of. And when you need to rent a tool or piece of equipment, you know where to look, Rentcharlie.com.