The National Equipment Register (NER), from Jersey City, NJ, urges all Rental Store Owners to be aware, and to take steps for theft prevention this Memorial Day Long Weekend. National Equipment Register from New Jersey

Statistically there is an increase in the number of equipment thefts on the days surrounding, and during the Memorial Day long weekend, and the Fourth of July long weekend. This spring has already been an active time for equipment thieves, who will look for vulnerable rental store yards to strike.

The following is a list of? equipment rental items commonly targeted by thieves:

??? ?Trailer-mounted welders and generators
??? ?John Deere 310-G series backhoes
??? ?John Deere and Kubota commercial mowers
??? ?John Deere and Kubota compact tractors
??? ?Caterpillar backhoe loaders and smaller dozers (especially in Florida and South Carolina)
??? ?Takeuchi excavators and compact track loaders (especially in Tennesse and South Carolina)

Here are a few recommendations and precautions you can take to help prevent becoming a target of thieves:

??? ?Make sure all of the alarms and lighting in your yard is working properly. Make sure your yard is well lit.
??? ?Take false alarms seriously. Watch for people “casing” your property. If you’ve had a series of “false alarms”, it could be thieves checking your yard for entry points, and weaknesses.
??? ?You may want to consider having a guard on your property, during the weekend.
??? ?Have someone, or a few people, do random checks on your business during the weekend.
??? ?Test surveillance cameras both in the daytime, and after dark to ensure they are working correctly, and are capturing evidence, if a break in did occur.
??? ?Ensure fences and gates are secure, and completely surround your property, including areas that adjoin other businesses.
??? ?Keep an eye out for vulnerable points of entrance.
??? ?Move lightweight, and highly targeted equipment inside your rental store, if possible. Keep highly targeted equipment in more secure areas of your yard, away from gates and entrances.
??? ?Don’t leave equipment on trailers, as it poses an easy target, and getaway for thieves.
??? ?Make sure large equipment, and other items in your yard are not positioned to provide cover for thieves.
??? ?Communicate with other businesses near you, who plan to be open during the weekend. Have them keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and have them contact you if any suspicious activity is suspected.

Keep accurate records of all of your rental equipment with model and serial numbers. Make sure all of your emergency contact information is current, and known by employees, and neighboring businesses.

If a theft does occur know which police service to contact that will respond to a break-in Contact other rental companies as soon as possible with details on the stolen items, should they be approached with them. And report thefts, with details of stolen equipment to NER, as soon as possible.

Here at we hope that preventative measures and awareness will reduce, and hopefully eliminate theft of your valuable rental equipment.