Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope it was a good one for everyone, with plenty of laughter, and Christmas wishes coming true. Now it is time to get back to normal, get back to work, and figure out where you are going to put everything that you received this Christmas. Rent Self Storage for your extra stuff
If you’ve received a lot of stuff this Christmas, you may be feeling some slight distress (as I am), as to how to get everything put away. I’m fortunate, I have a big enough home, and garage, that I should be able to find enough places to put everything away, (although my kids’ toy box is overflowing).

But for those people living in an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, or other type of rental property, your living space, and your storage space may be quite limited.

And if you’ve received some larger gifts, like sporting equipment, a new mountain bike, new skis, exercise equipment, furniture, or home electronics, making room for everything can become an issue.

If you’re not able to part with the old things, as you bring in the new, then you may want to rent yourself some storage space.

Self storage is a great way to handle all of the overflow items in your home that you just don’t have room for. Things such as seasonal items, like your Christmas tree, decorations, your seasonal clothing, lawn chairs, the kids’ wading pool, camping gear, sports equipment, and keepsake items, can all be stored in a self storage unit.

Self storage units can be rented in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. Most self storage companies offer 24 hour security and surveillance, to ensure your your items are well protected. Some even offer climate controlled units, to ensure your items are well kept, so outdoor temperatures, and humidity do not affect your items.

Self storage is good for more than just household items, too. Store your motorcycle, boat, camper, or RV, in a facility that can accommodate these larger vehicles. Most suburbs do not have room to park and store additional vehicles, and many city by-laws do not allow for these vehicles to be parked on the street. So it’s great to know that there is a place to put them.

As you deal with organizing and de-cluttering your home in the coming New Year, find self storage facilities near you, on, and free up some space in your home.