The Kayak Academy

The Kayak Academy was established in 1991 by George Gronseth. George is currently a columnist for Sea Kayaker magazine, co-author of the only sea kayaking safety book, Sea Kayaker Deep Trouble, and considered an industry leader and expert for kayak safety and instruction.

The Kayak Academy is located in picturesque Issaquah, Washington and is considered one of the worlds premier sea kayaking destinations. The Kayak Academy has earned a reputation as the leader in Kayak safety with some of the worlds best instructors. Courses are available for beginners as well as seasoned veterans. All of the beginners courses are taught by George himself with the goal being to learn as much as possible. All courses are limited to a maximum of three to five students to enable a better teaching experience. All practice is conducted in the sea not in swimming pools or a classroom. The Kayak Academy believes there is no substitute for first had experience.

Kayak Academy rentals and related equipment is the same equipment used by the Kayak Academy staff so you know that it is the best and safest available. Next time you are looking for a kayak adventure look up the Kayak Academy. You can find them on