The days are quickly counting down until the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth begins. The Calgary Stampede starts on July 9th, and will provide 10 days of non-stop entertainment and fun. If you’re in Calgary, AB, Canada, like we are here at, then you’ll know that the Stampede atmosphere emanates everywhere throughout the entire city. Calgary Stampede events is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where the Cowboy spirit is very much alive. In just a few more days we’ll see Stampede fever sweep through our city. The Calgary Stampede doesn’t contain itself inside the exhibition grounds. The entire city is host to numerous parties and events that take place during Stampede time.

Every morning during the Calgary Stampede a Free Pancake Breakfast is taking place somewhere in the city. Shopping malls and local business communities host free pancake breakfasts in their parking lots, businesses host appreciation barbecues and fundraisers, and private staff parties abound during Stampede time.

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We hope everyone has a great time at this year’s Calgary Stampede. Cowboy up!