The American Rental Association (ARA) has been working together with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to come up with new proposals for both the on-road and off-road emissions regulations. New regulations are currently being revised, and should be of a benefit to equipment rental companies and construction companies. American Rental Association

Through scientific research, the ARA was able to prove to CARB that the original estimates used in their model were much too high. CARB used a model of fuel consumption by heavy equipment to determine emissions, but? that model was an over-estimate of four times higher than what the equipment actually used.

The ARA was also able to canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer prove, and convince CARB members that their compliance model was nearly impossible for a rental fleet to comply with, and rental companies would be needlessly forced to remove virtually new equipment from their fleets.

Through discussions, there are now new proposals being introduced, which if adopted will mean it will be much easier and realistic for rental companies to make their fleets comply with the new CARB rules.

CARB will be holding a series of workshops through October 12 to present the new draft proposals. A final draft will be published in early November, followed by a 45 day period in which formal comments can be submitted. CARB will then hold a meeting on December 16-17 to consider the revised regulations.

The ARA has been one of the leading organizations working with CARB to introduce both on-road and off-road emissions rules that work for both industry and the environment. ARA members feel confidant that these revised rules will make much more sense, will provide sufficient time for compliance, and be something that rental companies with fleets of equipment will be able to achieve.