At we believe in the concept of renting and the positive impact renting has on our wallets and the environment. It is the mission of to promote renting, as opposed to consuming products unnecessarily, through-out North America and around the World.  New Logo

As of Sept 09 has over 1.3 million searchable rental products and the largest amount of rental specific internet pages on the web. This makes the largest rental search engine in the world, and if you are not aware there are many rental search engines on the web today. The key difference between and the other guys is simple, has been built by you, the rental owner. Whether you are a rental store,property manager or individual looking to rent out your stuff we would like to congratulate you on taking advantage of’s FREE advertising opportunity and helping promote the rental culture to millions of people around the world.

During my time with I have spoken with and met many different types of rental store owners. I have always enjoyed speaking with a rental store owner as their perspective and knowledge of the rental industry shows how true their commitment is to promoting not only thier rental business but renting as a whole. I have learned over the years that when you are in the rental business you are apart of a tight knit group of savvy business people who are eager and willing to help and support one another.

If you are a rental store owner reading this now, you may already be a part of If so, great, good for you! If not, then what are you waiting for? You have probably received a fax, email or phone call from us in the past year asking you to list your rentals and believe me it won’t stop unless you sign-up and start listing your stuff! Just kidding. I wish we didn’t have to send out the faxes and emails, believe me, I know how annoying that can be but we need to reach out to you somehow or you may miss out on being a part of has been a member of the American Rental Association for about 2 years but for some reason we can not advertise through the ARA or use our “associate membership” to our advantage. images ARA 1

I believe, that promoting the concept of renting and getting the word out is in the best interest of everyone involved in the rental industry. Rental Stores, Rental Associations and Rental Search Engines benefit every time a company or individual decides to rent as opposed to purchase a product or service. It really is a cultural shift when someone decides to rent. That experience has to take place in order to drive any sort of repeat business towards the rental industry and your rental stores. The more options you have the better and is set to become one of your biggest options. Think of us as a rental storm set to cover the world with rental products.

So, the reason why you haven’t seen in any ARA publications is not due to us not wanting to reach out to you. This is due to Rental HQ and the ARA’s unwillingness to do whats best for its members. In case you didn’t know, Rental HQ is the ARA’s way of helping promote rental stores. You can locate a store by indicating a specific rental vertical and then you receive a list of rental stores in the specified area. Its a great idea and a good service provided to ARA members. If you have seen I am sure you notice the vast differences. We are an itemized rental search engine, where a visitor types in what they want to rent and where to locate rental products offered by rental companies within a specified area. We provide much more product information and information about the rental company so that a potential renter can make an informed decision on what product and company is best for them. This method saves time and money for both the rental store and consumer.

The ARA will not permit to advertise in its publications due to what they believe is a conflict of interest with Rental HQ. I personally see greater value and benefit in working together to promote renting. In today’s economic climate it is tough for everyone to get business and I am sure every ARA member store wants to know that the ARA is doing everything it can to promote their rental stores, their rental products and the concept of renting. is 100% FREE and is more about building rental specific internet pages that will help drive highly-qualified, rental-specific traffic to your rental products, website and rental store.

If you are reading this now and are a member of the ARA, ask them why they don’t promote every possible avenue that benefits the rental industry and their members. It is one thing to not actively promote to their members (even though we are a great free option for advertising), but we were not even allowed to pay to advertise to ARA members about our service. If there is a conflict of interest here, it’s between the ARA and its members. By not allowing us to even present our service to their members, the ARA has shown whose interests they are serving. At the end of the day, it is not about Rental HQ and how much money they might have spent on that site, and  its not about This is about the rental industry and doing what we can collectively to keep the concept of renting alive and growing. According to the ARA’s website the Core Purpose of the association is: to promote the success of our members and advance the growth of the equipment rental industry.

Good idea ARA, now show us that you mean it.

Jeff Longlad

V.P. of Sales and Marketing