This weeks’ feature rental company is AJAX Environmental & Safety Supply. Providing specialized safety and testing equipment rentals in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, Texas, AJAX is proud to offer the best customer service and most competitive rental prices in the industry. AJAX Environmental and Safety Supply Rentals

AJAX Environmental & Safety Supply offers cutting edge rental equipment for a variety of environmental and safety applications. Industry uses include oil and gas, ground water testing, environmental clean up, and many other important industry uses.

Rent equipment that tests water quality and safety. Test water pH levels, salinity, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen content, water depth levels, and other important water safety issues. Rent water pumps, submersible pumps, bladder pumps, and other types of pumps as well.

Rent portable weather stations for monitoring and collecting reliable on site weather information. Easy to install and use it will get you the accurate weather data you need.

Rent gas leak detectors, gas monitors, and gas detection equipment for crucial gas monitoring requirements.
Rent thermal infrared cameras to show you what the human eye can’t see. Find areas of heat loss, leaks, and other important uses.

Need a GPS? AJAX offers a full line of top quality GPS rentals. Great for surveying and on site data collection, a GPS rental will help you obtain accurate topography information.

AJAX also has XRF Analyzers for rent which will test for metals in the soil, alloys, lead in paint, and RoHS/WEEE compliance. These small, hand held measuring devices are great for use at hazardous clean up sites, and have many industrial applications. XRF Analyzers and can even be used around the home to check children’s toys for lead paint, as well as many other items around the home that you want to test for lead.

AJAX has these and many other useful safety equipment rentals available for rent in Austin, Houston, and Dallas Texas, and surrounding areas. Rental equipment is guaranteed to be cleaned, calibrated, and fully charged so it’s ready for your use. Check them out, and meet all your safety and environmental standards.

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