In the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, tent manufacturer, Anchor Industries Inc., has made a donation of tents and temporary shelters to the non-profit organization, Hope for Haiti.images-1

Anchor Industries Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of tents and shelters since 1892. Many of their leading edge tent products are widely used by various rental companies, particularly party and event rental companies, as their quality tent supplier. Anchor Industries produces a stunning line of party and event tents, outdoor structures, canopies, industrial tent structures, and military tents.

Their donation consisted of an entire tractor  trailer unit filled with tents and temporary shelters which were to be shipped to Haiti by plane on February 3rd, 2010. This should provide many people with the much needed shelter they desperately need right now.

“We were fortunate and pleased to be in a position to play a small role in responding to this devastating tragedy. As a manufacturer of products such as tents and awnings, we were able to offer items like tarps and small shelters that can be used to help satisfy immediate needs.” says Dave Conner, vice president and chief financial officer.

Anchor Industries is based in Evansville, Indiana