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Should Everyone Attempt DIY Projects?

Some people that have a knack for DIY, and would not have a problem doing their own home improvements. If that’s you, great. But be honest with yourself. If you have no idea how to measure, or cut straight, if you get bored with projects easily, or have a tendency to get sloppy, then DIY home improvement may not be for you. It’s time to hire the experts.

Jump Start Your Spring Yard Clean-Up

There are so many tasks required to clean up yards and gardens in the spring, and so many different types of tools and equipment needed for each different job. Make each clean up task easier, when you rent gardening tools and equipment found on

To Rent or Not to Rent?

For some people renting provides more benefits than buying stuff. can help you locate things you need to rent. For others, who buy stuff, have you ever thought about renting out your things to people in your community, to offset some of the expense of owning it?

The Rental Show Promises to be a Great Experience

Don’t let your Rental Business get stuck in a rut. Attend The Rental Show, held in New Orleans this year, and take advantage of the wealth of information you’ll be able to access at this huge trade show.

Working and Playing Safely in Cold Weather

Tips on working and playing safe, when outdoors for extended periods during the winter. Your safety is in your hands. Preventing frostbite and hypothermia is a lot about your own preparation, and self care.

Dealing With Winter Storm Damage

Getting back to normal quickly after a storm is important. Find the rentals and services you need to do so, quickly and easily on

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Some tips for a safer, warmer, and more energy efficient home this winter.

Getting Ready for a Newborn

Preparing your home for a newborn is undeniably a big task for both new and veteran parents. You may want to find a bigger place to rent. Or you’ll want to turn a bedroom into a baby room. Here are some tips, and things to consider for getting your home ready for a baby.

Equipment Rentals for Easier Fall Chores

Fall is a busy time of year. Rent tools and equipment to help make your fall yard clean up, and home maintenance easier, as you prepare for winter.

Don’t Let This Be Your Business

Don’t let your employees deliver poor customer service. Properly train, and motivate everyone to deliver the best service possible. With social media as it is today, a bad experience can really have a negative impact on your business. Be the best you can be!