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Renting Strengthens a Community

Renting between individuals strengthens the communities we live in. It provides people with an opportunity to make a connection with new people, who share common interests, as they meet to exchange rental items. Help the environment, save money, make money, and meet new people. It’s win-win.

Tis’ the Season to Think Outside the Box

As the days count down to Christmas, remember that there are plenty of ways to show someone you appreciate them, and perhaps more meaningful ways, than just giving them some “stuff”.

Caring For Your Home and Pets While You’re Away

Many people find themselves faced with the dilemma of what to do with pets, and concerns over leaving their home empty, while they are away for the holidays. Services such as pet boarding, and house sitting, are valuable services, and in high demand. If you offer these services, list them on, and help those people who are looking for your services, to find you.

More Benefits of Renting

There are plenty of possible benefits that individuals renting between each other can experience. You may find yourself surprised by the positive side effects of renting person to person, the good feelings, and sense of community that can come with it. is Expanding to the UK

Here at we’re excited because very soon we’ll be expanding to the United Kingdom. Soon people will be able to find all the things they need to rent on both sides of the Atlantic. All of the rental items you could want are at your fingertips, with a quick online search. Find what you need for work, play, travel, and even properties for rent.

Earn Extra Cash-Rent Out Your Stuff

Renting out your stuff is a great way to earn some extra cash. And for the renter, it saves you money as you won’t need to go out and purchase occasionally used items. The global economy being what it is, it may be time for the era of mass consumerism to come to an end, and time to start embracing alternative ideas, such as renting.

Like to Dress Up? Find the Perfect Halloween Costume for Rent

There’s something in all of us that enjoys dressing up, and being something other than ourselves for an evening. But if you’re not very handy with a needle and thread, and if you’re tired of the same old, cheesy department store Halloween costumes, then check out to find the perfect Halloween costume for rent.

Halloween costumes for rent.

Get Everyone’s Attention When you Rent Sky Dancers

You just have to look when you see them. Sky Dancers, those tall, colorful, dancing characters seem to be alive, and attract the attention of everyone going by. Attract attention to your business, or promotional event when you rent Sky Dancers and inflatable advertising. Find these, and other great rentals on

Let Your Creativity Shine When You Rent Photography Equipment

Experiment, get creative, and get the equipment you need for a photo shoot. Try a new camera, lens, or piece of photography equipment, when you find photography equipment for rent on Great for amateur photographers, photography students, and professional photographers.

It’s All About Preparation for a Successful Concrete Pour

Concrete work requires an enormous amount of tools and equipment. Having the proper equipment available when you do a job is very important for a successful outcome. Rent everything you need for a concrete job, when you find concrete tools and equipment on