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CARB to Amend Rules for Equipment

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) will amend some of the previous environmental rules it had set for diesel fuel burning equipment, off-road equipment, and large spark ignition equipment. The changes to the rules will be a huge benefit to the rental industry. The American Rental Association (ARA) played a huge role in these changes to legislation by providing science and supportive data.

New Alliance Between ARA and True Value Co.

Two big rental organizations unite to increase the benefits to their member rental companies and rental businesses.

The Challenges of Making California’s Air Clean

The State of California has set out to impose strict clean air regulations, probably the strictest in all of North America, for all diesel burning vehicles within the State. The impact to the rental industry, and all other industries is a burning question in everyone’s minds.

The Economic Downturn is Good for the Rental Industry

In today’s recessed economic climate, there is reason for optimism within the rental industry. Many Federal, Sate and Municipal governments are looking to spend on much needed infrastructure and utility projects through-out North America and around the world. Although, some would say this also bodes well for the construction industry, and they are correct. WithMore