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A Pledge Your Community Can Make for Earth Day

Earth Day encourages everyone to take the pledge for One Billion Acts of Green. One way families within a community can reduce their environmental footprint is to rent occasionally used tools, equipment and other items to each other. Not only can everyone be proud of reducing their environmental impact, but there are economic benefits for communities, as well.

Waste Not, Want Not

If you have more than you need after a bountiful Christmas, please don’t be wasteful. Reduce the amount of waste that accumulates in our landfills, by keeping items out of there that don’t belong. And allow those people who don’t mind second hand goods to re-use your still useful items by donating them, or taking them to a consignment store.

Tis’ the Season to Think Outside the Box

As the days count down to Christmas, remember that there are plenty of ways to show someone you appreciate them, and perhaps more meaningful ways, than just giving them some “stuff”.