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Always Make the Call Before You Dig, Trench or Stake

Call before you dig, trench, or even pound in stakes for event tent set up. It can save a lot of expensive problems by preventing damage to underground utilities.

Accidents Involving Inflatables

Although Bounce House rentals and inflatable rentals can be very fun at a party or event, they can sometimes turn dangerous, particularly in windy conditions. There are plenty of fun alternatives, though. Find great Party and Event rental companies on, who want to help you plan a fun and safe event.

Hosting a Great Garden Party

Host the perfect backyard garden party, complete with elegance, ambiance, and class. Find all the party rentals you need to make your garden party perfect on

Why It’s Important To Hire a Reputable Event Rental Company

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Whether it’s your Wedding, a Fundraiser, a Corporate Party, or any other type of Event, you work hard to plan it meticulously. You want it to be memorable, and your guests to have a great time. It pays to hire the best Party and Event Rental Company, not the cheapest. Read more on what a professional, reputable rental company will do for your Event.

Cut-throat Discounts Bad for Event Rental Business

Businesses offering extremely big discounts on party rentals often need to sacrifice customer service to offer such low prices. Reputable Event Rental Companies are finding it’s better in the long run, to charge more for event rentals, but offer exceptional service, and gain customer loyalty.

The Revolution Portable Dance Floor by PS Furniture

The Revolution Portable Dance Floor is an item that every Party and Event Rental Company will want to consider adding to their rental inventory. With several exciting new features it’s the the perfect portable dance floor rental for parties and events.