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Spring Lawn and Garden Care

Get your lawn and garden looking great this spring, even if you don’t own all the tools for the job. Find Lawn and Garden tools for rent on, at a location near you.

Safely Put Up Christmas Lights with Lift Equipment Rentals

Don’t become one of the season’s casualties from falling off a ladder while installing Christmas lights. Find High Reach Equipment such as aerial lifts, and man-lifts for rent on, and put up Christmas lights on tall buildings and trees safely.

High Reach Rentals

Go to to find rentals to help you maintain your home this fall. Rent ladders, scaffolding, and High Reach equipment to clean out your eaves-troughs, wash windows, or maintain your roof before winter.

Man-Lift for Bird Rescue

An 80-ft. boom-lift was rented for an animal rescue operation by a women in Glenwood, Iowa after her pet bird escaped over the Easter holidays, and refused to come down from a nearby tree.