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Renting Farm Equipment

Farming is becoming an increasingly expensive venture, and the Farming Equipment used to produce massive amounts of food is extremely expensive. Renting Farm Equipment may give farmers the temporary solution they need to keep their production up, and their costs down.

Oilfield Rentals Keep Business Booming

The big business of oilfield means that a massive amount of equipment is in operation at all times, at a vast number of locations. Oilfield rental companies help fill these needs with their huge inventory of Oilfield Equipment Rentals.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site-Video Feature

When your day of working hard on Heavy Equipment is over, and it’s time to spend some quality time at home with your little ones, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is a wonderful bedtime story for little construction enthusiasts. View the book trailer for a preview.

The Rental Show Promises to be a Great Experience

Don’t let your Rental Business get stuck in a rut. Attend The Rental Show, held in New Orleans this year, and take advantage of the wealth of information you’ll be able to access at this huge trade show.

Working and Playing Safely in Cold Weather

Tips on working and playing safe, when outdoors for extended periods during the winter. Your safety is in your hands. Preventing frostbite and hypothermia is a lot about your own preparation, and self care.

Sectional Snow Plow Makes Short Work of Snow Removal

The sectional snow plow by Arctic Snow and Ice makes short work of snow removal, by allowing you to do the job in one pass.

Rental Companies are Very Busy in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

The severe damage caused by Hurricane Irene will mean months, and even years of hard work as people do their best to restore their homes and communities. Rental companies will be busy in the months to come, as they provide a wide variety of tools, equipment, and heavy equipment required for rebuilding in these several states.

Always Make the Call Before You Dig, Trench or Stake

Call before you dig, trench, or even pound in stakes for event tent set up. It can save a lot of expensive problems by preventing damage to underground utilities.

Speedy Hire U.K. is Working to Make Company More Green

Speedy Hire, a U.K. based equipment rental and support services company, has invested in a fleet of low carbon emitting vehicles, as part of their plan to make their company more environmentally sustainable. Their purchase of nineteen Ford ECOnetic vehicles, which have an impressive fuel economy, will help Speedy Hire to reach their goals of becoming a more environmentally friendly company.

SMS Rents is Proud to help Students obtain Aerial Lift Training

SMS Rents in Mississauga, Ontario recently took part in a program to train high school students trade skills at a large construction project. SMS Rents taught the students how to safely use an aerial lift. Students will earn credits for their diploma, valuable trade skills, and obtain workplace certification in aerial lift safety and operation.