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Oilfield Rentals Keep Business Booming

The big business of oilfield means that a massive amount of equipment is in operation at all times, at a vast number of locations. Oilfield rental companies help fill these needs with their huge inventory of Oilfield Equipment Rentals.

Aggreko Expands Rental Operations in Fort McMurray

Aggreko, the worlds’ leading supplier of rental generators, temperature control, and oil-free compressed air solutions, has expanded their operations in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Aggreko will help their customers improve their processes, and enhance operations, while addressing environmental concerns.

Power Up With a Quiet Generator Rental

Whether you need it for camping, for a party or event, for use at a construction site, or for when disaster strikes, a quiet generator rental provides portable power where you need it most. Find generators for rent on

In Case of Emergency, Use!

It seems that Mother Nature is becoming increasingly violent. If bad weather and storms bring hardship your way, remember that rental companies with the equipment you need to clean up and rebuild can be found just a few clicks away, on

Aggreko Invests in Cleaner Generator Technology

Aggreko, manufacturer of power generator equipment, is investing more than 200 million for the manufacturing of environmentally responsible diesel and natural gas generators, that will produce up to 70 percent lower emissions.

Kohler Rental Supplies Power for Bird Rescue Centers in Gulf Coast

Kohler Rental has been called upon to supply portable power, generators, and air conditioning units to the many Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation centers working to save oiled birds, that became oiled from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hertz to Supply Rentals for MotoGP Motorcycle Racing

Hertz will be the rental provider of the 2010 FIM MotoGP International Motorcycle Racing Championships. Hertz will provide rental cars, portable power and climate control units to the motorcycle racing events.

GPS Used to Track Stolen Rental Equipment

GPS Tracking Equipment is now commonly being used by Rental Equipment Companies to trace stolen rental equipment. GPS chips installed in rental equipment help rental companies and police know when a piece of equipment is stolen, and trace it to where it is being kept.