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Miami Party Rental City-Party and Event Specialist in Florida

If you’re planning a Party or Event in Miami, give Miami Party Rental City a call. They really know how to have fun, and they offer some exciting party rentals that are sure to make your event a hit. From Formal Events to Fairs and Carnivals, they can handle it all. Miami Party Rental City is dedicated to fun, and they want to bring all that fun your way. You can find them here on

Sandland Villa, Orlando, Florida

The Sandland Villa, located near Orlando, Florida, is a gorgeous Vacation Property Rental, listed on Close to Disney World, golfing, shopping, theme parks, and other great attractions. This spacious Villa can accommodate up to 10 guests, features a private pool, a games room complete with a pool table, and much more.

Advertise Rentals for Snowbirds With Us

“Snowbirds” will be traveling to warmer climates very soon. Get your Vacation Property listed on, and get it rented out to the influx of retirees traveling south to escape winter.

Audio Visual Support Service in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is a popular destination, and is host to a huge number of conferences, meetings, trade shows, pharmaceutical dinners, and many other events. If you’re planning an event in Tampa, make sure to get all your AV, multimedia, and Production Equipment rentals from Audio Visual Support Service found on

Beach Weddings Cancel due to Oil Spill

Many couples who had been planning a beach wedding along the Gulf of Mexico, are now canceling their wedding plans, and moving their wedding elsewhere, due to the BP Oil spill. The effect on the Wedding Rental industry in the are has been disastrous.

BP Oil Spill Continues to Affect Vacation Rentals

With the estimated amount of oil spilling from the ruptured BP oil well much higher than was originally thought, the impact continues to be bleak for companies with recreational rentals and vacation property rentals along the Gulf Coast.

BP Oil Spill Affects Gulf Coast Rentals

The Gulf Coast states, including Florida, have noticed a significant decline in tourism, and vacation property rentals. Yet there are many beaches along the Gulf Coast that are still unaffected by the BP oil spill.