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Prince Edward Island, Canada-Summer Travel Destination

Prince Edward Island, Canada is a wonderful place to visit for a summer vacation. Enjoy plenty of activities, such as golf, watersports, biking, camping, fishing, hiking, and much more. Enjoy the friendly hospitality, cultural events, culinary delights, and fabulous scenery. There is something to do, and see, for all age groups, and interests.

Bike Rentals are a Great Way to Enjoy Spring

When you travel this spring or summer, make sure you park the car, and rent a bike, to experience your travel destination in a whole different way. Get around the downtown of the city more easily, explore bike paths in parks, or do some extreme mountain biking in the back-country.

Celebrating Mardi Gras

Find everything you need to help you celebrate Mardi Gras. Find the perfect Vacation Home Rental, within walking distance of the parades. Rent a bike to get around the busy New Orleans streets, and a costume to celebrate Mardi Gras style.

Vancouver, Canada-Fantastic Scenery, Friendly People

Vancouver has many exciting activities to enjoy as you experience this coastal city. Some activities might require a rental, but there are plenty of rental companies that will set you up with whatever you need to enjoy your stay. So, if you need to rent some Sports Equipment, such as skis or a bike, rent an RV, charter a boat, rent a car, or rent some baby equipment for your little ones on vacation, you can find all the rentals you need on

Summer Sports Equipment Rentals is a great place to look for Recreation and Sports Equipment Rentals, from coast to coast, anywhere in North America. Rent boats, watersports equipment, camping gear, tents, campers and RV’s, mountain bikes, golf clubs, and plenty of other exciting summer sports equipment rentals.