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The Effects of Hurricane Irene Will Be Felt for a Long Time

Many events were canceled during Hurricane Irene, to prevent accidents and injuries. Event rental companies will now help people reschedule their events, and possibly offer deals, for events where they refused to set up tents during the storm.

CARB to Amend Rules for Equipment

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) will amend some of the previous environmental rules it had set for diesel fuel burning equipment, off-road equipment, and large spark ignition equipment. The changes to the rules will be a huge benefit to the rental industry. The American Rental Association (ARA) played a huge role in these changes to legislation by providing science and supportive data.

The ARA convinces CARB to Revise Regulations

The American Rental Association has been working with the California Air Resources Board to revise the emissions rules for on-road and off-road equipment fleets. The newly revised rules, once adopted, will hopefully be easier for rental companies to comply with, and be more realistic to achieve.

CARB to Review Emissions Rules for Off-Road Vehicles

The California Air Resources Board or CARB will be reviewing the rules they originally set in place for Off-Road Diesel burning vehicles. The review could have large implications for many rental companies that rent Heavy Equipment, and other diesel fuel burning equipment.

Small Businesses’ Future Following Health Care Reform

The American Rental Association (ARA) and The Small Business Coalition are fearful for the economic future and well-being of small businesses, including small rental businesses, following the signing into law the New Health Care Reform Bill by President Barack Obama.

New Alliance Between ARA and True Value Co.

Two big rental organizations unite to increase the benefits to their member rental companies and rental businesses.

The Rental Show for 2010 Offers Educational Programs

The Rental Show will return to Orlando, FL in February with a new, and revised schedule of events plus two new educational seminars for rental business owners. The Rental Show will take place at the Orange County Convention Center, Feb.7-10, 2010.

The American Rental Association and – Promoting Rentals?

At we believe in the concept of renting and the positive impact renting has on our wallets and the environment. It is the mission of to promote renting, as opposed to consuming products unnecessarily, through-out North America and around the World.  As of Sept 09 has over 1.3 million searchable rental productsMore