My husband and I have been renovating our basement in preparation for our growing family. The renovations have caused us to finally clean out our “storage where can i buy furosemide online room”, and sort through our huge collection of “stuff” to decide what to keep, and what to get rid items rather than buy, cut out clutter

Sorting through all our accumulated things got me thinking about the North American mentality of having too much stuff, and our cluttered lifestyles. It really leads to unnecessary expense and waste. Our attitudes need to change and focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling. That's what is all about. Promoting the reuse of an item over and over again by renting it. And that in turn reduces waste, and our environmental impact.

Perhaps not everything in my collection of “stuff” could have been rented. But then again, many things could have been. I made a pile of the things that are still good, but that I no longer use or want. Many of the items were electronics, most of them older, but still in working condition, that I've upgraded around my home. Some of those electronics were novelties, fun to use for a short time, but now no longer get used. For electronic items that you don't need everyday it makes sense to rent them. As technology changes so fast, renting electronics equipment can keep you from needlessly investing in too many gadgets, (like me) and then having them collect dust.

Other things we have accumulated are Sporting Equipment. Of course, if you're dedicated to a sport or hobby you'll want your own sports equipment, but if you're just trying a new sport, or it is just a passing fancy, rent sports equipment, and save yourself a lot of money, and space in your garage.

Of course, being a family with a small child there are a lot of baby items in our collection. A lot of baby gear is used for such a very short period of time, sometimes mere months, before a child outgrows a toy of other baby equipment. And some baby items carry quite a high price tag. When you can, it makes great sense to rent Baby Gear. (As I put in storage a high price infant backpack carrier that I used once on vacation.)

Tools are another prime example at our house, and probably many homes, of large ticket items, that mostly take up valuable space in the garage. My husband is a carpenter, so he is justified in owning a lot of tools. Even still, there are many tools he owns that are seldom used. Renting tools and equipment can really add up to a lot of savings, for both your wallet, and your personal space.

Of course, there will be things that you can't part with, and now that you own them you might as well keep them. If your home or garage isn't large enough you can find Storage Rental facilities on, to store your stuff.

Myself, I'm going to donate all of my extra “stuff” to charity in the hopes that someone else will have a use for it. In the future, I hope I can be more careful about my purchases and not waste so much money on stuff, and take the option of renting an item whenever possible. At least makes it easy to find rentals in my area for nearly any item I may want to rent.