Depending on where you live in the country, what stage you're at when it comes to your yard and gardening this spring can vary greatly. It seems to be agreed, though, that this was a much cooler spring, and slower to arrive than usual. But now that it finally seems to be here, everyone is rushing to their yards to clean them up from winter, and get them ready for summer. rent garden tools

Spring is such a flurry of activity to get your lawn and garden looking great after a long winter. There are many things that will need your attention, but the main big jobs will include yard clean-up, maintaining your lawn, trimming your trees, and preparing the soil in your yard for planting.

If you don't personally own all the tools and equipment that a gardener needs to accomplish all of these tasks, it's no problem. Just look on to find all the gardening tools, and lawn-care tools you need to get your yard and garden looking great.

Spring lawn maintenance may require the use of a lawn aerator to promote healthy soil. A lawn de-thatcher will help remove the old, dead growth, and encourage the new growth underneath. You may need a sprayer to spray for weeds, and a fertilizer spreader to apply lawn fertilizer. For tall grass and weeds, in a larger yard where they may have gotten out of control, a weed trimmer is an excellent tool.  String trimmers are also very useful for trimming grass beside buildings, fences, and around trees and flower beds, where a mower can't reach.

To trim your trees you may needs to rent a small chainsaw, or perhaps a pole pruner. As for getting to the height you need, find a variety of ladders, and scaffolds for rent, at your local Tool and Equipment Rental Store. For even greater safety, or for jobs where there are many trees requiring pruning, you may even want to consider a High Reach rental, such as a man-lift.

As for your soil preparation, if you have a garden plot to cultivate, then you'll require the use of a garden tiller. Your local Home and Garden rental store will have garden tillers available for rent, to get you on the road to spring planting.

Get your lawn and garden looking great this spring. Find all the Lawn and Garden tools you need to accomplish all of these tasks, and more, when you use to search for tools and equipment rentals, at a location near you.