Speedy Hire, a U.K.? based equipment rental and support services company, has invested in a fleet of low carbon emitting vehicles, as part of their plan to make their company more environmentally sustainable. Speedy Hire U.K.

Speedy Hire is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest providers of heavy equipment rentals, and tool rentals. They provide rentals for industrial use, construction sites, for cities doing maintenance work and infrastructure management, and for the creation of retail and leisure developments.

Their purchase of nineteen Ford ECOnetic vehicles, which have an impressive fuel economy, will help Speedy Hire to reach their goals of becoming a more environmentally friendly company.

Each vehicle, driving an estimated 26,000 miles per year, will save an estimated 2.1 tons of carbon per year.

Additional sustainable practices that Speedy Hire will be adopting include working with suppliers, that have proven themselves to also have low-carbon credentials, and environmentally sustainable business practices.

?We have set an ambitious target for the reduction of the company?s carbon footprint and we believe that the purchase of these 19 Transit ECOnetic Vehicles is an important step towards achieving our aims,? says Ian Leonard,?Speedy?s transport and logistics director. ?The maintenance engineers who will be using these vehicles clock up lots of hours as they travel across the country supporting our customers? needs. The purchase of these vehicles means that the impact these journeys have on the environment is minimized.?
Nick Halliday, Ford?s regional fleet manager for the north, said, ?Speedy Hire is one of many corporations looking to help meet its environmental targets by the adoption of the latest technology from Ford. I am sure that Speedy will find the Transit ECOnetic a major advantage in its quest.?