has worked hard to become the place where people go to find the rental items they need. With well over a million rental items listed, and more being added every day, people can find nearly any kind of rental item, from all types of rental companies.

The Rental Community

But aside from being a place where people can find rentals for the common situations in life that require rentals, such as Travel, a Wedding or Event, or finding Rental Housing, we hope people will start to consider renting as an everyday option. Renting could become more commonplace, a way of life. Something that not just businesses do, but something that everyone can do. To save money, and to make money.

There are so many benefits that Renting can provide. Those people who are willing to rent out their seldom used stuff, could find themselves making a nice extra income, for very little effort. People who make renting a part of their life will find themselves saving money, when they don’t go out and buy each and every item that they only occasionally need.

Renting between individuals strengthens the communities we live in. It provides people with an opportunity to make a connection with new people. People with common interests, hobbies, and sports, will meet with other like minded individuals when they exchange rental items.

Renting also helps the environment. Many people reusing a single item to it’s fullest potential is definitely a way that we can work together to solve the environmental problems of the world, rather than continuing to add to them. provides the vehicle that individuals can use to connect with each other to set the rental revolution in progress. Use to list your rental items for free, or to find rental items available from others in your area. Then start reaping the benefits, and taking pride in all the social and environmental benefits.