Whether your farming operation is a small scale venture, or a large scale production, you may find that renting Farm Machinery and Farm Equipment may serve your
farm well, in certain situations.

Rent Farm Equipment

There are

many reasons why renting farm equipment may be a good idea for your farming operation. Perhaps a key piece of equipment breaks down on you, right at a crucial time, such as planting time, or harvest time. By renting the equipment, you reduce your downtime, and get the job done, right when the weather conditions are prime.

For smaller farming operations some equipment may be too expensive to invest in, until you get more established. Renting farm equipment allows you to get your farm producing, and start making money, allowing you to make your big equipment purchases when you are ready. Or, you may only have a one time need of certain equipment, say if you are breaking new land for agricultural use. You may only need items such as harrows, rock rakes, or rock pickers for a short time.

With a medium sized to large operation, you may want to expand your production, but don’t have enough equipment to work more land. By renting farm equipment you can produce on more farmland. If you have enough workers to operate more equipment, by renting farm equipment you can seed, or harvest more land, in the same amount of time, allowing you to get your crop planted, or harvested during the optimum weather.

Some of the extremely expensive equipment that you may want to rent for your farm during planting time might include an Air Drill, an Air Seeder, a Cultivator, a Zero Till Gravity Disc, Anhydrous Ammonia Applicators, and Fertilizer Spreaders.

During the growing season, pesticide spraying equipment may be required, or you may even want to hire a crop dusting outfit, to rid your crop of weeds, harmful bugs, and increase your yields.

During harvest time, you may want to rent additional harvesting equipment, or to hire a small trucking company to haul grain, or bales. Or if you’re a cattle producer, you will need to hire a trucking company, to transport cattle.

Fruit producers, and orchards may need to rent specialized harvesting equipment during the fruit harvest, to harvest the fruit during the optimum ripeness.

Farming is becoming an increasingly expensive venture, and the Farming Equipment used to produce massive amounts of food is extremely expensive. Renting Farm Equipment may give farmers the temporary solution they need to keep their production up, and their costs down.