is the largest rental search engine in North America. By promoting the rental community and providing a online place for rental companies to list their rentals, promotes renting as a sustainable and green practice. also promotes green living in other ways, by providing their employees the opportunity to work from home.images

As one of several of these employees who is able to work from home my personal environmental footprint has been drastically reduced. My location does not provide a form of public transport, and living in the country meant commuting many miles to the city each day for work, before the opportunity to join the team arose. I no longer have to consume 100’s of liters of fuel each month, producing untold emissions throughout the course of a year.

The practice of allowing employees to work from home also means that a smaller office space is required, further reducing a company’s environmental impact.

Doing my part to lessen my impact on the environment has always been very important to me, so I was very happy to join a company that helped me to do that.  And it’s great to be part of a business community that helps others to lessen their impact by renting items instead of buying them. has over 1,000,000 rental listings in towns and cities all across Canada and the United States. With so many rental companies listing their rentals on you’re sure to find whatever you need to rent in a location near you. Find your rentals here today, and feel the satisfaction of reducing your own environmental impact.