Summer is on the way, and with the return of the warm weather lots of fundraiser activities will be taking place in communities all over North America. Walks, Runs, Rides, Marches, Festivals, and Picnics to raise money for a myriad of causes take place during the summer months. Find rental items for your upcoming Fundraising Event on a dunk tank

Any Fundraising event requires a lot of organization and planning to get it off the ground. And all events need a few rental items to make them happen.

Perhaps the most commonly rented item for any event is a tent. Rent a tent to keep organizers and volunteers at a Fundraising event dry and sheltered. A tent also becomes the center-point of the event, directing people to where the activities are taking place. Rent as many tents as your event requires.

Rent tables, chairs and other event items for organizers and volunteers at your Fundraiser. Rent portable restrooms, and portable wash stations for everyone at the event to use.

If the fundraising event is a Festival, Carnival, or Picnic find all kinds of event rentals to make the event fun, and get people excited to raise money. Rent carnival games and other activities that can be used to make money for your cause or charity. Rent dunk tanks, sumo suits, sports games, even casino games, which are all great fun, and perfect ways to raise money.

And no event is complete without the food! Rent concession equipment including cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, sno-cone makers, hot dog carts, and many other concession items, and have the proceeds of your concession booths go to the fundraiser as well.

There are all kinds of activities and ideas that can be incorporated into a fundraising event. Browse to find all these event rental items plus many more to make your Fundraiser a success.