In my previous blog article I discussed the nature of some of the online rental scams out there, and how renters can protect themselves. But renters are not the only victims of online fraud. Rental scams are equally damaging for landlords, and can result in lost income, lost trust, or scam money right out of a landlords’ pocket. Watermark Images of your Rental Property
For landlords with rental housing, or with vacation properties for rent, having your online ad hijacked, and used for fraud is very damaging to your credibility as a reputable landlord, property manager, or as someone with a really great vacation property.

It can be difficult to prevent the information in your free online ads from being copied and changed into a fake ad, with the purpose of fraud. As I’ve been researching, I have not come across cialis buy online any solutions or ways to prevent this from happening. The only solution I have come up with, is for landlords, and property managers to watermark, and copyright their photos, which will at least prevent their images from being used in a fraudulent ad.

Using photo editing software, add a watermark to your images, and text that includes your email, phone number, or other contact information. If your contact information is right on the images of your rental unit, those people creating fraudulent ads, can’t change this information.

Another scam that landlords need to watch out for, is when someone posing as a potential renter overpays for the rental unit, and then asks for some of their money back. Their story might be that they are working out of town, or out of the country, but they will need a place to live once they return. They pay up front for the damage deposit, and several months rent, with a fraudulent cheque or other fraudulent means. It’s of course unknown to the landlord that the money they’ve been given is fraudulent. Then a short time later the supposed renter will have a story about needing to back out of the deal, and ask for some of the money to be sent back to them, the landlords’ legitimate money.

Out of country wire transfers, foreign cheques, and even foreign bank drafts, can take up to 45 days to clear at the bank, so landlords could be sending money overseas, and then finding out much later that the original payment they were given was fraudulent.

Never wire money, send a cashier’s cheque, or any other payment, in this type of situation. It’s very likely someone is trying to scam you.

Meeting in person is as important for landlords, as it is for renters. Landlords should always do tenant back-round checks, and tenant credit checks, to prevent themselves from being a victim of scams, of fraud, or a bad tenant.