Hurricane Irene ravaged several eastern states this past weekend, leaving in it’s wake a swath of damage and destruction. Now East Coast and New England residents face the daunting task of cleaning up the mess, and trying to rebuild their lives. In the face of this disaster, many people require the resources from rental companies to help them get back on their feet. Rental Equipment helps clean up after Hurricane Irene

Rental Companies in the states of Connecticut, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and North Carolina have been very busy renting out all kinds of equipment to help residents of these storm ravaged states clean up, and deal with the aftermath of the storm.

During the storm, and in the days following Irene, generator rentals were high in demand, with rental stores renting out every available generator, as thousands of people found themselves without power during, and after the storm. Many people continue to be without power, as communities struggle to get their infrastructure back up and running.

Pumps and floor fans are also high in demand, as people try to deal with the flooding in their communities and homes, working to dry out water soaked basements and buildings.

Chain saws, and wood chippers are being rented by thousands of people to clean up downed trees, and broken tree limbs.

As towns and states rebuild and repair the damage to infrastructure, roads, and public buildings, heavy equipment rentals will be necessary to fill the demands of larger work forces and rebuilding crews.

The severe damage caused by Hurricane Irene will mean months, and even years of hard work as people do their best to recoup and restore their homes and communities. The price tag for this recovery is estimated to be several billions of dollars. Rental companies will be busy in the months to come, as they provide a wide variety of tools, equipment, and heavy equipment required for rebuilding.

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