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Listing your land for rent or lease will secure you an additional income from otherwise unprofitable land. Land is a long term investment, but it’s not without costs, such as land taxes. Leasing your land for agriculture sees that your land is put to good use, and provides an income for you, the landowner.

Finding a good renter and farm operator to lease your land can ensure good land management and conservation. Farmers and Ranchers always require additional land if they want to increase their operation. Farmers who rent your land will be able to grow various crops or hay, and produce more food for the country. Ranchers who lease land can raise more cattle and have additional grazing pastures for livestock.

As many farmland rental agreements are not in writing, resulting in missed opportunities for both the landowner and the renter, it is helpful to check out resources such as the, in the United States, or similar land lease forms and information in Canada.

As the amount of good agricultural land is shrinking, and the food needs of the world increasing, it’s important to support farming and agriculture, and not lose sight of this important fact of all our lives.

Leasing your property for farming or ranching is good use of land, good land management, and will provide an income for you. List your property for rent or lease on today!