When you are traveling with a baby you need to keep things simple. A baby may be small but the luggage you could find yourself taking could have you wishing you weren't traveling after all. The answer is to rent the essentials in advance, so they are ready and waiting for you when you arrive. No need to squeeze the stroller, crib, car seat or high chair into your luggage. Just book these items in advance and rest assured those things will be taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the trip without any hassle. rent baby gear
There are many companies offering a baby equipment rental service for those traveling to the USA. All reputable companies will provide top quality items in perfect condition, making the process easy and stress free for parents. The products on offer are recognized brands; baby may even be in the same high chair as the one at home, making him even more comfortable. The items will have been sanitized after previous clients have used them, making them good as new, ready for your little one. Additionally most will provide a service whereby the items are delivered to your holiday address or to the airport where you can collect them and continue your journey by car. The items will be on hand as soon as you need them, making the youngster's transition to the new environment that much easier.

Items that can be rented include not only the basic essentials such as car seat or bed, you can also hire baby gates to secure your accommodation, or play pens to ensure safety in the home, or even bouncer seats and other toys to keep the youngsters smiling and playing whilst you are relaxing. Many companies also offer bedding to go into the cot, or breast pumps or bottle warmers to help with feeding. The list is extensive, leaving space for clothing and special comfort toys in your luggage.

The list doesn't stop with the youngest member of the family, toddlers are catered for too. So items like a potty or toilet training seat can be rented, meaning that routines and learning started at home do not need to suffer a set back whilst on holiday. Older children can have bikes, trikes or even a bouncy castle provided so that there is entertainment on hand at your holiday home for the children, after their day out exploring, or for restful days hanging out in your holiday accommodation.

Finding who can rent you these items could not be easier. At Rentcharlie.com there are full rental listings, city by city so you can check out what you can get, where from, and for how much. Your baby or young child will be catered for so you know they will be safe, comfortable and happy and you don't need to worry about how to meet their needs whilst you are away. It doesn't have to cost the earth either, so even if you prefer to book cheap holidays you will not be stung with high cost rentals for the things you need to make the holiday go smoothly.