Christmas is almost here, and Equipment Rental Companies need to remember that thieves often don't take the holiday season off. In fact, thefts of rental equipment often spike during the holiday season as thieves seize upon the opportunities presented by vacant construction sites, contractor yards, and rental yards. rental construction equipment

To avoid theft of Tools and Equipment during the holiday season businesses should make some holiday preparations to curb this unpleasant holiday occurrence.

  • Ensure that all of your alarms and lights are working properly. Yards should be well lit. Make sure security cameras are working, and that they would record any important evidence such as license plates.
  • If you've been experiencing false alarms it could be thieves testing your response. Watch for people casing your property.
  • Consider hiring a guard for the holidays. It could be well worth the investment.
  • Make sure your entire yard is properly enclosed, and that there aren't any holes in fences, or places that thieves could enter easily. Address any vulnerable areas.
  • Don't let the equipment itself provide cover for thieves. Park equipment in the yard accordingly.
  • Put smaller, and commonly targeted equipment indoors, or in more secure areas.
  • If other nearby businesses are going to be open during the holidays ask them to keep an eye on your yard, and have them report any suspicious activity. Make sure to provide them with any emergency contact information.
  • Have one of your own staff do random checks on your business
  • Make sure you have a complete inventory of your equipment including serial numbers. Should a break in occur, you'll have accurate information to provide the officers, as well as the insurance company.
  • Don't leave equipment on trailers.
  • From, we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, and that none of Viagra super active these unpleasant thefts occur over the holidays.