Now that the two biggest holidays when engagements occur have passed (Christmas, Valentine’s Day) I’m sure that wedding planning is now in high gear. Last week I gave you some things to consider when choosing your wedding colors, most importantly letting your colors reflect your personality. Now it’s time to get choosing. 2012 offers some very exciting color trends for weddings and events. There should be something that fits everyone’s tastes and styles, and captures you imagination. Have fun deciding!These shades of Red and Blue pair nicely for a wedding.

Red is definitely all the rage this year, with bold, and daring brides even opting to wear a red wedding dress. Even if you don’t wear a red dress, you can still make red the color of your wedding. Red works well in almost any season, from bright, bold summer fun, colorful autumn themes, and festive winter weddings. Bright reds, and orange reds are the popular trend, but don’t be afraid to mix it up in your own way, with your favorite shade.

Tangerine Tango is another fresh, burst of color, that pairs nicely with a bright bold pink. This vibrant color combination will not only be a popular color scheme for weddings, but I bet we’ll see a lot of prom dresses in these shades, come spring. Tangarine Tango, popular for 2012, in a bright floral arrangment

80’s colors are coming back, but with fresh new twists. Things from the past always do make a comeback. At least when they’re revisited, they can be done even more fabulous than before. Don’t be afraid to embrace these once popular shades, with their new pairings. For example, Peach and Silver.

Blue is in, and the great thing about this shade of blue is that it looks great on nearly everyone. It also could be perfect for a vintage wedding, with old blue china plates as the centerpiece. This shade of blue is popular for 2012

Grey is the new black for the tuxes, and men’s wear. It pairs nicely with soft pink, as well as some of the light purple shades that are popular this year.

Speaking of purple, people are getting away from plum, and other dark purple shades, and going for lighter shades such as lilac, and lavender.

Metallics are in, providing a simple elegance and sophistication to weddings and events. Consider the elegance of champagne and black, black and silver, or white and gold.An elegant black and gold wedding

What everyone agrees upon is that the color Chocolate, with it’s various pairings, is definitely out. It’s been done to death in the past several years, and it’s time to move on. Given the many other possibilities out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to let this one go.

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