For many couples the beach is the most romantic setting they can imagine for their wedding. Soft sand between your toes, waves crashing onto the shore, a warm ocean breeze blowing, perhaps the sun setting behind you. It's no wonder the beach wedding is one of the most popular outdoor wedding venues.
A beach wedding is a very romantic idea, but it poses some additional considerations. Here are some tips for planning the perfect beach wedding.romantic beach wedding

Once you've pick the particular beach where you want to exchange vows, you'll want to do some research on the tidal cycles. You certainly don't want to end up with the beautiful strip of beach you had planned to use, being underwater at the time of day your wedding takes place. Find out when the high and low tides are. Marine websites offer tide charts and tide tables specific to certain areas.

You may need permission to use the beach you want, in the form of a permit, or other document. Make sure you know all the rules surrounding a wedding on the beach, including the beach rules for an event with guests, music, alcoholic beverages, etc. If it's a very popular public beach, you may have to reserve a spot for your wedding.

Setting up your wedding ceremony, or reception right on the beach may require some additional logistical planning. Chairs will want to sink right into the soft sand. Your party and event rental company may have some suggestions, or certain types of event rentals available, that can help with this issue.

Party and Event rental companies will have lots of great decorations such as arbors and arches, that are perfect for a beach wedding. rentals for beach weddings

As for setting up your reception on the beach, it may be a good idea to have it set up on higher, firmer ground, further away from the water. Perhaps there is a location nearby that is a commonly used wedding reception spot.

You'll want to have a back-up plan for your beach wedding, should weather take a turn for the worse. Providing the rules of the area permit it, you could have a tent set up at the beach to shade and shelter guests. A tent rental is great for the reception, no matter what the weather is, for providing shade, or protection from the elements. Of course, when marine weather when it turns bad, can be very nasty, so an even better idea would be to rent a back up wedding venue, near the beach, where you can have your wedding, if Mother Nature doesn't co-operate.

As for your wedding attire, simpler is usually better. Beach weddings offer you the option of dressing very casual, and the more comfortable the clothes, the more relaxed you'll feel. Sundresses for the ladies, Hawaiian shirts and light dress pants for the men are great choices. That being said, there are still many couples who opt for formal or semi-formal wear for their wedding. If that's the case, find formal wear and fashion accessories for rent online, and save some money on your wedding.

No matter where you plan to have your beach wedding, use to help you find local Party and Event rental companies that have years of expertise in planning great parties and events, and will help you with all your wedding rental needs.