Dealing with party planners or party and event rental companies can be a headache. It’s a good idea to know what your wants and needs are before speaking with them.New Logo
The first thing to do is determine how much assistance you may require. Ask yourself if you can r handle all the arrangements yourself. It is important that not only your guests have a good time but you must also enjoy the festivities and not have to play host, caterer, server, security and maid all at once. It may be very helpful to have an assistant or even put the entire project in the hands of a professional. If you decide to plan and arrange the entire party or event yourself determine what party supplies you’ll need to purchase and which ones you’ll want to rent.

An experienced event planner will try to anticipate every type of guest or attendee at any given event. It is a good idea to consider your guests individual characteristics. Guests, hosts, and any honorees very often appreciate thoughtful touches like activities for young children, vegetarian menu options, and reasonable accommodations for limited-mobility guests. Most California party rental and supply businesses should be able to help you come up with variable options for your function or event, including inflatable toys, wheelchair ramps, lighting and sometimes catering solutions. You can find California based party and event rental companies by visiting – The Rental Search Engine.

Perhaps you are looking for the best assistant, consultant, or planner to help orchestrate your party. Consider the crowd that your planner will be planning for when selecting a party and event planner. This approach may narrow your search for a planner immediately, as some specialize in particular types of functions, like corporate meetings, weddings or Bar Mitzvah. Describe the general “feel” you are hoping to achieve, i.e., formal or informal, fun or serious, rigid agenda or open-ended, professional or family-oriented, chic or down-home, etc. Know what kind of event you envision, and keep this in mind when working with your planner.

It is always a good idea to think through your plans, and write down all your ideas. Read over your contracts carefully. Try to read each document and agreement as if you were in a worst-case-scenario situation. Understand what recourse you have if, for instance, the chairs you ordered are not the ones delivered on the day of the event. Also understand exactly what your planner will do and not do. Perhaps they will source a caterer, but understand who is liable if they, or any other subcontractor, fail to perform. Make sure you understand all the contracts. If you are not clear on something ask the company you are dealing with to explain. This is the best approach for everyone’s peace of mind.

If possible, get several estimates or quotes about the options and relative expenses associated with your event. Provide each potential person or company the same information so that your comparison is easier. It is also a good idea to ask for referrals. If you want to know how a planner’s events have worked out in the past, ask for referrals. An experienced planner or coordinator should have examples of their work, generally in the form of photos and client-generated testimonials. A party supply or rental company ought to have samples of all kinds of materials for your consideration in addition to positive reviews and photos.

Yes, planning your next party or event can be tasking but with the help of California party and event rental professionals your guests will have a party to remember.