Please excuse the crappy title, pun intended. When you’re planning a Party or Event this summer don’t forget this important rental item and necessity, a place for your guests to answer the call of nature. rent a portable toilet

Every event, big or small needs to have a restroom for their guests. With all the planning for an event, and the myriad of party rental items you’ll need, it might be easy to forget this basic, yet important rental item. Find providers of portable restrooms for rent on for your outdoor Party or Event.

Rent standard portable toilets, to lavish mobile restroom trailers, complete with sinks, and several private washrooms. Rent handicapped accessible portable washrooms for your disabled guests, and for unimpeded access for everyone. Rent outdoor washing stations for clean hands and sanitization. For events taking place over several days, you can even rent portable shower trailers.

Portable restrooms are used for Party and Event rentals, but are also commonly listed with our construction equipment rentals, for use at construction sites. Portable Toilets end up being a seldom advertised item, yet they are one of the most important on location rental items.

Festivals, fairs, carnivals, picnics, family reunions, and of course Weddings. These, and any other outdoor event will need Portable Toilets, along with all the other Party and Event rental items. Don’t forget yours! Find it here on

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