Leasing Land for Agricultural Use Helps Farmers and Ranchers

With so much Agricultural land being swallowed up by cities and suburbs, the remaining land left for producing food is in high remand. The remaining land that has not been claimed by our cities, may not be in the hands of the farmers, but rather in the hands of people who are able to afford it. It then becomes crucial for those who own the land to rent or lease this land to farmers and ranchers who need the space to produce more food for our country.Lease Land for Ranching Read more

Yacht Charters-The Perfect Party Venue

A Yacht Charter provides the perfect setting for many of the events associated with Weddings, such as the Engagement Party, the Stag Party or Stagette Party, the Rehearsal Dinner, and even the Wedding itself. Yacht Charters are perfect for Parties and Events Read more

Rain Gardens are an Attractive and Eco-Friendly Addition to Your Yard

Due to the increase in suburban housing developments encroaching upon agricultural land, other wild areas, and green-spaces, it has become very important for homeowners to consider ways of greening their yards, and give back to the environment in some capacity. Installing a Rain Garden is an excellent way to help the environment, and add beauty to your yard. Rain Gardens help absorb runoff Read more

DIY Weddings-How Much Should You Take On?

Given that many Bride’s and Grooms are paying for their own Weddings now, and needing to do it on a budget, the DIY Wedding has become a very popular phenomenon. With the rise of so many great Wedding websites, Pinterest, Facebook, and other Social Networks, planning and gathering great ideas for your wedding, has never been easier. DIY Wedding Decorations Read more

Oilfield Rentals Keep Business Booming

The business of getting fossil fuels out of the ground is very big business. Oil is the driving force behind our economy, and getting it from the earth promotes big industry everywhere. Pipe rentals for drilling oil. Read more

Should Everyone Attempt DIY Projects?

Do It Yourself Home Renovations are a trend that seems here to stay. But if you’re contemplating making changes to your home, and thinking to yourself “how hard could it be” you should make sure you do your research, before jumping in with both feet. Even though you can rent all the tools and equipment to do any number of jobs, it’s important to know that you’ll be able to do it properly. Proceed carefully when doing DIY home renos Read more

A Pledge Your Community Can Make for Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22. For many communities there will be Earth Day Events being held to raise awareness, and encourage people to make green living choices for themselves. Make an Earth Day Pledge Read more

Bike Rentals are a Great Way to Enjoy Spring

Spring is in the air, and nothing makes me feel more rejuvenated, and happy in the spring, than to get on my bike, and go whizzing down the paths and trails. Bike rentals are a great way for travelers visiting a different city or area to get out there, and see the place from a different point of view. Bike rentals are also a wonderful way to get re-introduced to the sport, for those who have spent the winter indoors. Rent a Bike when you're on holidays Read more

Community Gardens are Springing Up Everywhere

All over North America, from big cities, to smaller towns, Community Gardens are growing in popularity. In cities, community gardens are a wonderful way to green urban spaces, and foster pride in the community. Community Gardens grow pride in the community Read more

Jump Start Your Spring Yard Clean-Up

Although some of us will have to wait another month before we can get working on our yards, and gardens, in many places the yard work can start now. There is always lots to do to get one’s yard looking nice again after a long winter. If you find yourself needing some garden tools and equipment to get your spring clean up done, check out Rent garden equipment for Spring Clean up Read more