If you're planning your wedding for this year, the popular trend is the outdoor wedding venue, for both the wedding ceremony and reception. As great of an idea as that is, you definitely, without a doubt, want to make sure you have a back up plan. Nothing makes a better back up plan for the outdoor wedding, than a tent rental. Find yours here, on www.Rentcharlie.com.outdoor wedding venues

There are so many possibilities for outdoor wedding venues, and making your day as unique as you are. When you have your wedding outdoors, a minimalist approach to wedding decorations (another wedding trend for this year) is no problem at all, with the splendor of Mother Nature all around.

Romantic vineyards, garden weddings, lakeside weddings, the beach, golf courses, parks, or at the foot of a majestic mountain, all make fabulous, inspirational settings for your outdoor wedding. But there are some wedding planning logistics that need to be addressed, in any outdoor setting, and wedding rental companies have you covered no matter where your wedding is set to take place.

The wedding tent, of course, is a necessity for your outdoor wedding. Even if it doesn't rain, the tent can provide shelter and much needed shade on a hot day. If it gets a bit windy, or chilly, a tent, with tent walls, is a great place to take refuge, and warm up. Tents can be rented in all shapes and sizes, to create the unique look  you desire, and fit into your setting perfectly.wedding tent rentals

Other rentals that you will likely need for your outdoor wedding are tables and chairs for your guests, a portable dance floor, tent or patio heaters for those chilly evenings, and a generator for portable power.

Decorations you may want to rent might include outdoor lighting, linens, and the popular trellises and arbors, that make for a romantic setting, at an outdoor wedding venue.

And the seldom mentioned, but very important rental that you MUST have at any outdoor wedding venue is the portable restroom. There are rental companies out there that provide very classy portable restroom rentals, complete with hand wash stations, and even wheelchair accessible restrooms. Be sure to find a reputable company that handles this type of levitra in mexico rental, so this detail does not become a bad memory from your wedding day.

If there are going to be lots of young guests at your wedding, under the age of 12, and if there's plenty of room, you may want to consider renting the youngsters some entertainment, in the form of a bounce house, or other inflatable. Other games and entertainment can be rented to entertain the young and old alike, a great way to keep guests occupied between the wedding ceremony and reception, and create lasting, fun memories from your day.

There are all kinds of rental items you'll want to consider for your outdoor wedding. Any reputable Party and Event rental company will help you remember all the things you need, and make sure nothing is forgotten on the day of your dreams. Start locating rental companies in your area using Rentcharlie.com.