With the busy lives that everyone leads, getting to know your neighbors can be more difficult than it used to be. A neighborhood block party is a great way to break the ice, and get acquainted with the people in your community. A block party is a great way to make new friendships, foster pride in the community, and continue to build a stronger, friendlier, safer community, once new relationships are made. find rental items for a block party

A block party can be a big event, but with organization, planning, and preparation, it can be a very memorable event, that in many communities has become a yearly event.

If you've decided to get a block party started in your neighborhood, make sure to enlist the help of several neighbors, as no-one should do it all, and people like to be included in the planning process, which grows their sense of community. Delegate one person to be the food planner, someone to be the activity planner, one person to check for permits, insurance and legal requirements, and someone to handle clean-up.

Renting items for your block party is a great option, so no-one has to have the expense of purchasing items, and then trying to store them afterward. To cover the expenses of the block party, and rentals you may need, you may want to sell wristbands, or charge some type of admission to your block party. Additional money collected can be used for community improvements, or donated to charities.

When it comes to block parties, as with all outdoor events, there are certain rental items that are staples, that no event should be without. First is a tent. A tent rental is always useful, and at your block party, it's a great way to provide shade, shelter, and protection from weather and the elements. It can be a place for guests to take refuge from heat, wind, or rain, and it can provide protection for the tables of food.

A portable restroom rental is also great for your block party. It's accessible to all the people at your block party, and no one household needs to have everyone from the party entering their home to use the facilities.

Folding tables can be rented to lay out food, to create booths for games and activities, and provide guests a place to eat. Chairs may need to be rented as well.

As for the food, whether the block party involves everyone bringing something to grill, or the party organizers supplying the food, you'll likely need a large grill. Rent large propane barbecues, and large charcoal grills for your block party, to cook up a summer feast.

If your block party is to have a carnival atmosphere, rent concession food equipment, such as cotton candy machines, a popcorn machine, a sno-cone maker, and other concession food equipment. This can also be a great way to raise some additional money for things in your community, from the sale of concession food.

If your town or city allows it, and you've obtained the proper permits, you may wish to place barricades at each end of the block. Rent barricades, crowd control, and traffic control, for your block party. Your local tools and equipment rental store will have these items available.

You'll probably want to rent a sound system for your block party, for announcements, as well as for entertainment, music, and performances you may have organized.

As for fun activities at your block party, you can keep it as simple as you want, or it can be more elaborate. If you choose to rent a few activities for your block party, some sure hits include a bouncy house for the kids, a dunk tank, a karaoke machine, a mechanical bull, and other games, such as a ring toss, a basketball hoop, mini golf, and many other favorites. Some of the games and activities your committee may be able to create. For the others, check out your local Party and Event rental store.

Many large trash cans will need to be accessible at your block party to collect garbage, and recyclables. If your clean up committee can't borrow large trash cans from residents, trash bins can be rented as well.

Whether a block party is a new event in your community, or if your neighborhood has had them for years, a block party encourages pride in the community, and helps neighbors to get together. If your block party needs rental items, find them on Rentcharlie.com.