With the help of Anchor Industries, Tent Rental companies can now offer their customers a fabulous custom tent with their logo or team graphic printed on their event tent. rental tents with custom graphics

Imagine offering a big corporate rental client a tent with their company logo on it for a big event. They’d be thrilled! And if the event is a yearly occurrence, your rental company will get to provide a tent for them year after year.

Extremely popular for sporting events, Anchor industries is able to provide custom graphics for all kinds of tents. Tent rental companies will be able to offer custom team logos on tents for baseball teams, football teams, for tents at stadiums, sports complexes, golf courses, and for beer gardens. Advertise for corporate sponsors at a game or sporting event with a custom graphic tent.

Anchor can do the fine art of hand-painted graphics on tents, which allows more flexibility for putting graphics on colored vinyl. Or have Anchor digitally print a graphic or logo to be put on an event tent. The professionals at Anchor Industries will deliver a fabulous custom tent, that your rental clients will love, and ask for again and again.

Anchor Industries, who are based out of Indiana, have produced custom logos on tents for teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Minnesota Vikings, the Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Get sports team fans excited, and give corporate clients the added bonus of advertising their company with a logo on a rental tent.