The Point-of-Rental Software Company recently announced a new website with new innovative rental resources for rental businesses. Customers who use Point-of-Rental Software can enjoy a newly designed user forum that allows rental businesses to share ideas, knowledge, and learning throughout the rental community. logo

Point-of-Rental Software helps many rental businesses with their rental management. Their leading edge software is designed for party and event rental businesses, construction equipment rentals, industrial rentals, general rentals, and rental businesses with a variety of rental items.

Point-of-Rental Software helps rental businesses to manage and grow their business, and stay on top in the industry. With tools to prevent rentals from being double booked, rental tracking features, marketing and analysis reports, and much more, it is definitely a clear choice for rental business owners.

The new software design will integrate with their new web hosting service, to offer Point-of-Rental software users the option of uploading their rental inventory to their own website.

Point-of-Rental software users will also be able to access a library of monthly tips, instructional videos, and other very useful information for their rental business.
For a look at the newly designed website, and for more information on this great software, and how it can improve your rental business check out

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