The New Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor has won the Innovative Product Award for 2009, awarded by the Rental Equipment Register (RER). Contractors will want to get their hands on this new piece of rental equipment. GENIE runabout contractor lift rental

The Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor offers several exciting new innovations that make it a superior choice for indoor construction sites. With the accessibility of a scissor lift, and the compactness of a runabout the Genie GRC-12 is the perfect piece of equipment for contractors for repairing and installing drywall, doing electrical work, HVAC, and many other uses.

The Genie Runabout Contractor is like a pedestal within itself. But more than that the GRC-12 has a slide out extending deck to provide an extra 17.5 inches of outreach. This gives comfort and room for one or two operators. The Genie will lift up to 500 pounds.

The other great feature of the platform is that it disconnects quickly for replacement if necessary, with the removal of two bolts, an exciting new innovation.

With a ground entry level of 15.5 inches, and a zero inside turning radius, this machine can work even in congested work spaces. With it’s narrow profile it will even fit in most service elevators, and can be driven through doorways with an operator on-board. It can also be driven fully elevated for increased productivity.

The Genie offers highly durable, easy access panels, for when on site maintenance is required.

Contractors, be sure to ask your rental center about this exciting new rental equipment, and enjoy working with the best.